Social Health and Well-being

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The majority of all sustainability issues for cities have direct health implications – physical, social and mental health.  The rise of preventable chronic diseases in the late 20th century and the recent widespread recognition of the crippling implications they may have to our health care systems has brought attention to how our contemporary lifestyle makes us unhealthy.  Since a significant majority of non-genetic health issues are directly linked to choices we make regarding food, exercise, social interaction and exposure to toxins, the design of where we live has a major impact on our health. Sustainable cities and communities are now paying much more attention to the health implications of what previously were thought of primarily as global environmental issues.

The EDRS team has recently been increasingly begun to spend more attention exploring the health implications of urban planning and design and researching information and resources on this

The following offer some resources to explore regarding principles and methods of increasing human health in our cities and communities.

Healthy communities

Appropriate and affordable housing

Aging in place

Crime prevention and safe communities

Arts and culture