Sustainable Economic Development

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Sustainable development always recognized the cornerstone of economic viability and community prosperity. Nothing moves forward without money. All organisms in an ecosystem have to make a profit to survive physically – and nothing happens in our economy for any sustained period without likewise being financially viable and securing sustainable profit margins.

In a capitalist economy, there is no central agency regulating all economic activity.  Regulations on various areas of the economy establish an overall framework and paradigm for the economy and in some cases these can be rethought or refined to achieve both prosperity and a more sustainable society. However with an eye to the success of private enterprise, the profit motive and innovation, an even more powerful force in achieving this collective desirable future involves a commitment by individual companies to pursue sustainability.

EDRS has partnered with the Healing Cities Institute and others recently to support several major “Living the New Economy” conferences on more sustainable business practices and alternative views of economic systems and business management.

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