Green building information

Van convention center green roof cropped


  • The World Green Building Council – This is the site of the WGBC which promotes green buildings worldwide and coordinates the interface between different green building rating systems around the world.
  • Green Building Application – This is the site where you can download an app that will connect you to registered green buildings nearby.
  • CMHC – Canadian Housing and Mortgage Corporation – The CMHC is Canada’s premier source for research and information on housing design and energy-efficiency, and (deservedly) world-renowned in northern home design. Their website is comprehensive, with sections on house markets; purchasing a house; construction, renovation and maintenance; and mortgage insurance (a central function of the CMHC), among others.
  • CHIC – Canadian Housing Information Centre – Current and past issues of “Current Housing Research” are available for free .pdf download at this URL.. This is the most comprehensive and accessible listing of Canadian housing research available – and an excellent resource.
  • EEBA- Energy & Environmental Building Association – The US-based EEBA promotes the awareness, education and development of energy efficient, environmentally responsible buildings and communities, with diverse and talented member architects, builders, developers, manufacturers, engineers, utilities, code officials, researchers, educators, and environmentalists. 
  • Energy Design Resources – An excellent site sponsored by Southern California utilities, EDR is aimed at building design professionals and technicians. The site has – excellent “Design Briefs” in .pdf form for download; covering integrated design process, HVAC, lighting and daylighting and control systems.