Green building programs and rating systems

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  • US Green Building Council – the USGBC website is the home of the LEED green building rating systems and a major resource for green building information.
  • Canadian Green Building Council – The CaGBC website is the Canadian home for LEED and supporting information.
  • Green Globes – This is a competing and flexible green building rating system for green buildings.  It requires one to register in order to access its system.   The Green Globes system is connected to the Portland-based Green Building Initiative
  • Built Green – This is a pragmatic green building rating system for wood construction (homes, smaller scale multi-family) that is very user friendly and affordable.
  • Living Building Challenge – The “living” building approach is one of the most progressive in use today in that buildings are expected to be a net benefit to the planet.
  • Passivhaus – This approach to building is gaining profile with many similarities to the Living Building approach.  This site offers a lot of information on projects, resources, courses and the system.
  • R2000 – Energy-efficient Housing – The venerable R-2000 Program encourages the building of healthy, environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient houses. House builders volunteer to build to the R-2000 standard, which exceeds the efficiency level required by building codes and other regulations. This site has a variety of publications on the R2000 program – but little technical detail. For the numbers and details on energy-efficient housing, the CMHC (above) is a much better resource.
  • EnerGuide  – EnerGuide is the source of the energy-efficiency labels on much Canadian equipment. This site summarizes energy considerations for comparison-shopping for energy-efficient appliances, residential heating and cooling equipment, vehicles, housing products and housing in Canada.
  • City of Santa Monica Green Buildings Design & Construction Guidelines Resource List – This is one of the first major green building programs predating LEED’s rise to dominance.  A good site with many resources.