Smart growth

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The smart growth movement has led much of the conversation on sustainable city planning in North America since the 1980s.  Its principles are sound and are increasingly being secured in policy and plans for towns and cities across the continent.

  • – This site is a home for a large smart growth network, partly supported by the US EPA and it provides a wide range of information and examples on smart growth issues.
  • EPA’s Smart growth Initiative – This site outlines the wide range of effort by the EPA to promote smart growth with resources, projects, and information.
  • National Resources Defense Council – This group is involved in many areas including promoting smart growth – this part of their site provides interesting information on smart growth.
  • Smart growth America – This is a large organization with dozens of government partners working together to promote and implement smart growth measures.
  • Coastal Smart growth – This site is an initiative by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and includes resources on smart growth in the coastal context.